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Another Take on the Myst Movie's Silence

NOTE: As this time, the link to Adrian's post, as well as the Myst movie site itself, seem to be down.  We will keep the link intact in case it comes back.

NOTE 2: Cyan has also cleared the MOUL forum thread where discussion was taking place about all this.

The Guild of Messengers recently published an article here with some news coming from Isaac Testerman about the future of the long-awaited Myst movie.  Soon after, Adrian Vanderbosch (one of the former producers of the film) published a detailed post with his version of the story of what happened during this long silence, describing (amongst other things) how he was forcibly pushed out of the project.

Adrian, just like Patrick McIntire (another former producer of the movie), put a lot of personal effort into making the movie, so the tone of his post is personal, blunt and to the point, understandably.

The story we are being told is basically what a lot of people keeping a close eye on the project have already read between the lines from Isaac's older posts; a story that some explorers already expected from the Hollywood environment, where the integrity of nearly any established fictional lore and story quality are sacrificed in the name of business and money ("reaching a wider audience", as they tend to put it). None of this was completely unexpected, but the most shocking aspect has been the complicated dynamics of this story and how it offers an insider's view into just how cutthroat the movie business can be. Lire la suite

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Myst Movie News!

NOTE: Cyan has since deleted the announcement made in the original thread.  Link now goes to Chogon's explanation.

Shorah, fellow cave-dwellers!

A much-anticipated update about the Myst movie was posted today by Isaac Testerman. It's a long and detailed account, and here are the major points that were mentioned:

  • A movie adaptation of the "Book of Ti'ana" would be very hard to use to start a potential franchise, so they've gone back to the drawing board for a story.
  • Adrian has stepped away from the project completely, making Isaac the lead producer.
  • Cyan's contract with MFG was expiring, and they chose not to renew it. Instead, Delve Films (Isaac's company) purchased the option.
  • Another big-name Hollywood producer has joined them, along with Hunt Lowry and Mark Johnson.
  • Other things are in the works other than a Myst movie, on multiple audio/visual/interactive platforms to bring in new fans.
  • The Myst movie site probably won't be fixed soon due to legal issues.

So there you go. Some signs of life for the first time in months!  And if you want to read the full update, read the MOULa forum announcement here.

Stay tuned for the latest developments!

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Q&R avec Rand Miller - ADBMM

Bonjour à tous et toutes ! C'est Doobes qui vous parle, tout juste sorti de la Caverne et de Kirel, et si nous n'avez pas suivi les célébrations récentes d'ADBMM, vous avez manqué un événement singulier... une session de questions et réponses dans la Caverne avec le PDG de Cyan Worlds, Inc. et le co-créateur de MystRand Miller ! Comme nos rencontres interguildes habituelles à Kirel, je vous donne accès à un journal de bord brut et épuré pour tous ceux qui ont oublié/ne pouvaient venir/furent dévorés par le décalage.

Rand répondit à quelques unes des questions soumises par des explorateurs. Quelques points d'intérêts : Lire la suite

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Let's help the Mysteriacs!

The Mysteriacs have pubilshed a new post on their Blog and this time they need the help of all the community!

They are trying to define the history of the D'ni that happened between the books and the games. This means: what happened in the 21 years between The Book of Ti'ana and The Book of Atrus, or the 33 years between BoA and the first Myst game.

Cyan has suggested to contact us, the fans, for this work and they are giving us this opportunity to contribute to the wonderful project of the MystMovie!

Trekluver has started a thread on the MOUL Forums where everyone can contribute and at the end things will be assembled to be sent to the Mysteriacs.

EDIT: The Mysteriacs terminated this activity. See link for more Infos

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New graphic for Myst Movie! (with surprise)

After a some days of waiting and mystery the Myst Movie website is back up and running!! With new stunning graphics which include a wonderful picture of Aitrus's goggles and a very Myst-like general style.

Beyond the graphics, the Mysteriacs have left us a cryptic Blog post, in which something seems to be revealed but you can never be sure of what it really talks about.

Some explorers have already found on those pages something that seems to be a puzzle to solve. Clicking on certain sensible parts of the page a strange tool appears.

Mysteries upon mysteries. There is certainly something cooking behind the scenes.

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